About Us

About Us

About Us

Just as crisp and outright as our brand name ‘Cable Connector, we are a hi-tech company working on providing connecting solutions to every possible setup in every industry.

The venture was founded by Jitendra Mohta(Ghotu) in 1987, today the brand has mutated into a high-speed communication network solution and services to several industries. The company services range from Networking & Telecommunication products to customized products based on individual needs  We work hard on providing the sector with seamless networking, superior quality, continuous innovation, customer-oriented

and easy access to all futuristic technology.

Over the year Cable Connector has served more than 200,000. The recipients of the service comprise telecommunication groups, government entities, education centers, finance establishments, medical institutions, transportation hubs, and technology clusters.

Seamless Networking

An intuitive approach added with reasonable uninterrupted, user-friendly, and ideal connectivity.

Customer Oriented

Materialising the needs of the customer with the latest technology and service on demand.

Futuristic Technology

To empower the world with the power of connectivity with our wide range of products.

Our Journey The journey began with satisfying the customer 100 %, who brought the entire village knocking on our doors


In 1987, Jitendra Mohta launched the company under the name JK Electronics. A modest growing business venture with a focus on selling car parts such as speakers and steering, as well as assembling antennas for cable television.


With the boom in the television industry in 1989, with Mr. Mohta’s leadership JK Electronics fully ventured into it. It began with manufacturing televisions by the part assembly and in a short duration sold more than 10,000 units under the brands – National, Prakash, and GCG.


Over the next few years, Satellite and Dish Antenna TVs were introduced, and JK Electronics gained an add-on to their Cable TV service.


JK sales ventured into the Networking Telecommunications industry in the year 1995 bringing into nearby markets, internet, and broadband devices and such. Cable television parts along with other equipment were added to their ever-expanding product list in subsequent years.


JK Sales underwent a rebranding and thus became Cable Connector. A company focused on keeping up with the new technology to ensure the latest trends are available to customers.


In 2010, the EDFA technology introduced in the market brought in a major tender for Cable connectors from Government Railways.


2014 brought with it Wireless Products and the rest has been history with the ever-growing demand.


With over 35 different product lines to choose from, Cable Connector offers the latest technology and services such as splicing, OTDR testing, wired and wireless solutions for seamless networking to meet customer needs.

Our Team

Mr. Jitendra Mohta

Mr. Jitendra Mohta Founder / CEO

Mr. Jitendra Mohta the man behind Cable Connector, launched it in 1987, at the mere age of 16. His ambition, aspiration and keen eye for technological advancements have led to a 35-year running enterprise. Mr. Mohta’s passion for electronics and his convivial way with people has helped him pave a successful road for Cable Connector.


Simran Mohta Managing Director

The Managing Director at Cable Connector, Simran, is the epitome of work ethic and ingenuity. With a master’s degree in International Marketing and Brand Development from Paris and extensive work experience, she has helped transform Cable Connector. Her advanced approach to business development along with CRM has steered the company to global standards.


Palak Mohta Digital & E-Commerce

With an exquisite mind set, Palak specializes in cultivating successful marketing strategies through a combination of planning and techniques. Her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication adds to her expertise in digital marketing strategy with a focus on implementing unconventional ideas bringing to Cable Connector a new outlook on the brand and market.