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Job description
  1. To help support the customers through social media mediums
  2. Be the strategist & the operations in-charge for the brands assigned
  3. Responsibility for hands-on interaction with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
Job responsibility
  1. Understanding of the bigger picture of online objectives and ensuring all activity supports wider online objectives
  2. Responsibility for hands-on interaction with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. 
  3. Responsibility for hands-on interaction with off-site social properties; blogs, other company Facebook fan pages, forums etc. 
  4. Respond and react to changes within social networks; changes in functionality, methods of engagement etc. 
  5. Monitor and present relevant data, trends, successes, exceptions etc. 
  6. Creative input on content, ideas on social media viral marketing 
  7. Maintain close links with other parts of the organization to ensure aligned marketing and online marketing strategy is being delivered 
  8. Work closely with the offline marketing and online marketing team as well as the IT/web team to ensure coherent delivery of activities aligned to strategic objectives 
  9. Doing timely performance reviews of the teams and its members and ensuring that the set performance standard is met


BBA ,,, MBA. are eligible.

Job description
  1. Be responsible for day to day management of the brands social and digital mandates you are working on
  2. Work very closely with the social media teams at WRM and be responsible for posting, client servicing and reporting
  3. For brands already working with WRM, create Kickass campaigns.
What do we need:

Great Passion for advertising. 0-1 Year of experience working in a digital agency

Job responsibility
  1. Be Responsible for entire operations for social media management for the brands entrusted on you.
  2. Be a great team player and multi-task well 
  3. Spending time in researching about the brands you are working on, their competition, cracking insights and putting them to action via campaigns
  4. Spending time speaking to copy team and design team to give the campaigns you are working on light of the day
  5. Spending time knowing and reading up about all new things digital, latest global news making campaigns and more
  6. Create great campaigns for WRM, which add real value to the clients and their objectives and ofcourse win awards


BBA ,,, MBA. are eligible.

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Job description

Philips is a global leader in health technology, committed to improving billions of lives worldwide and striving to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Driven by the vision of a better tomorrow. But it’s not just what we do, it’s who we are. We are 80,000, wonderfully unique individuals, with two things in common. An unwavering sense of purpose and a relentless determination to deliver on our customers’ needs. It’s what inspires us to create meaningful solutions – the kind that make a real difference – when it matters most. The world and our customers’ needs are changing faster than ever before and while we are proud of what we do already, we know we can do more. That’s why we need you, to help us tackle increasingly complex challenges posed by ever evolving health and well-being needs.


In this role, you have the opportunity to make life better

Looking at the challenges the world is facing today Philips’ purpose has never been more relevant. So whatever your role, if you share our passion for helping others, you’ll be working towards creating a better and fairer future for all.

You are responsible for·

You are a part of Describe in two to three lines the place of the role in the organization and the team culture.

To succeed in this role, you’ll need a customer-first attitude and the following· Important criteria 

  • Minimum education level and/or related major for the role Important criteria
  • Technical experience, knowledge and or certification Important criteria 
  • Technical skills Important criteria
  • personal skills Important criteria  language

In return, we offer you Describe in two to three lines what tangible and intangible benefits the incumbent will gain in this role. Use our Employer Value Proposition (EVP) themes and information gathered in the RSM as input sources.

How we work at Philips Our newly-adopted hybrid work concept fuses flexibility with collaboration to deliver great outcomes for our people and our customers. We are embracing an approach wherein we spend more time together than apart – which for full-time employees translates to an average of at least 3 days working from the office and up to 2 days from home – for our hybrid roles. Hybrid work flexibility means people can meet the changing demands of work and home in the most balanced, productive, and healthy way. Hybrid work flexibility means people can meet the changing demands of work and home in the most balanced, productive, and healthy way.

Our hybrid working model is defined in 3 ways: We believe in the importance of impactful collaboration: There’s a certain energy when everyone’s in the same room that can heighten idea generation and creative friction needed for problem-solving. We embrace

flexibility: Choosing where, when and how to work can vary according to task and team schedules. Flexibility isn’t office or online, it means choosing the space that works best for you, your teams and our customers on a case-by-case basis. We want to be at our best: The way we work and our workspaces are designed to support our well-being, offer career advancement opportunities, and enable us to be at our best.

Why should you join us?

Working at cable connector is more than a job. It’s a calling to create a healthier society through meaningful work, focused on innovative, customer-first health technology solutions. Help us improve the health and well-being of billions of people, every year. Ultimately creating a career that no one could have planned for. Even you.