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Product Description-

As optical passive devices, FS attenuators are mainly used in fiber optic to debug optical power performance & optical instrument calibration correction & fiber signal attenuation to ensure the optical power in a stable and desired level in the link without any changes on its original transmission wave.

Specifications –: 

  • Fiber Connector
  • Ferrule Type
Zirconia Ceramic
  • Transfer Mode
  • Attenuation
  • Operating Wavelength(nm)
  • Attenuation Accuracy
  • Return Loss
  • Polarization Dependent Loss
  • Max Optical Input Power
  • Durability
500 times
  • Humidity
  • Operating Temperature Range
-40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F)
  • Storage Temperature Range
-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)


Features –

  •  High size precision
  •  Fast and easy connection
  •  Lightweight and durable plastic housings
  •  Zirconia ceramic alignment sleeve
  •  Color-coded, allowing for easy fiber mode identification
  •  High wearable
  •  Good repeatability

Application –

  • Telecommunications networks
  • CATV, LAN, MAN and WAN application
  • Data processing networks
  • Cable television
  • Fiber-To-The-Home
  • Premise Distribution
  • Central Office/Remote Hubs


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