AV to VGA Video Converter Mini AV2VGA Box AV RCA CVBS to VGA Video Converter Audio Converter 3.5mm for PC HDTV (AV-to-VGA)

AV to VGA Video Converter Mini AV2VGA Box AV RCA CVBS to VGA Video Converter Audio Converter 3.5mm for PC HDTV (AV-to-VGA)


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Cable Connector AV to VGA adapter supports 1920x1080 at 0Hz HD resolution that present you vivid images. It conveniently adapts AV signal to VGA. Quite easy-to-use at home. It Features Convert AV output signal to VGA input to display device. Easily let home TV be compatible with devices that support AV output. Adopt high-performance digital convert chip. Smartly convert 1080P HD resolution. Effectively eliminate picture dragging and shake. Adopt independent audio and Micro USB power supply interface design. Ensure stable and fast transmission of AV signal output. 3.5mm audio jack and Micro USB port are designed for stable transmission. The adapter only supports one-way convert. White in color with Interface type of 1*AV input and 1*VGA output Input interface of 1*video input. 2*audio input Output interface: 1*VGA output, support 1920x1080 at 0Hz Item size: 6 * 5.5 * 2cm / 2.36 * 2.17 * 0.79 inches (L * W * H) Item weight: Approx 50g / 1.45oz Package size: 6.35 x 6.35 x 2.54 cm Package weight: 50g / 1.97oz Package list: 1 * AV to VGA Adapter 1 * USB Cable
Product AV to VGA
Compatible Devices HDTV, Monitors, Laptop, Desktop, DVD/VCD/Camera/Set-top Box, Support DVD, DVR, TV, STB or host to transmit video for display on PC, VGA monitor or LCD
Batteries Required ‎No
Product Dimensions 6.35 x 6.35 x 2.54 cm
Item Weight 50 g
  • 【Plug and Play】No driver software required.
  • 【Resolution】Automatically identify resolution (640 * 480/800 9600 * 1024 * 768 * 1280 * 1024 * 1440 * 900 * 1680 * 1050). Compatible with the display.
  • 【VGA Converter】The video converter is connected to a display device with a VGA interface for the old AV red-yellow and white interface to monitor the set-top box DVD recorder, and convert AV video signal to VGA.
  • 【Functions】Display freely. It can also be connected to VCD/DVD/webcam/set-top box, etc. to make your monitor look like a digital TV. The advanced scanning frequency improves the technology. The refresh rate can easily switch between 60Hz and 75Hz and the image will not be out of shape.
  • House
  • Offices
  • Security setups
  • Building
  • Presentations
  • Classrooms
  • Control center
  • Remote monitoring
  • Training facilities


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