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Product Description –

 BAMBOO OVG 4 GLAND (LOCK TYPE)Type – 2 way in | 2 way out outdoor fiber optical joint enclosure, with 12, 24, 36, 48, cores capacity dome (vertical) type. Plastic body, metal shelf ,fiber splice tray, airtight materials, heat shrinkable protecting tube, hang tools etc..,  in set.

Specifications –

  • Type
Joint Enclosure
  • Brand
Cable Connector
  • Bamboo type
4 out (Lock Type)
  • Material
  • In and out ports
one-in-one-out, two-in-two-out, three-in-three-out and so on
  • Fiber cores
12 to 288 cores
  • Cable Hole
2 In 2 Out, 4 ports with Cable Gland
  • Material
Excellent project plastic (PC ABS PPR)
  • Feature
Waterproof Dustproof
  • Installation
Pole Mount or Wall Mount or Underground
  • Colour
  • Mode
Dome Type
  • Splicing Type
Heat Shrinking Type
  • Type
Joint Enclosure


Features –  

  • Easily accessible for maintenance, changes, and expansion
  • Protected against water ingress and harsh conditions
  • Suitable for a variety of applications and environments including aerial, pedestal, buried, or underground
  • Compatible with existing cable types
  • Easy & fast installation without special tools, suit for
  • uncut cables.
  • Superior sealing performance.
  • The closure can be repeatedly used many times.
  • The cables can be fixed via 3 points, safe and reliable.
  • Enough space for surplus fibers inside the closure.
  • Flexible branching for fibers

Application –

  • Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks 
  • FTTH Outlets
  • Optical Fiber Networking 
  • Underground in Deep
  • Traffic Control/ Control Rooms
  • Shopping Mall
  • Residential Quarters
  • Industrial Networking


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