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Product Description –

Fujikura CT-20 is a high precision, rugged, self contained blade. It offers 48,000 consistent cleaves with high performance of single and mass fiber cleaving. The application process is user- friendly. Provides easy one-action cleaving. It has a high-performance, round-shaped cleaver blade made of steel. It provides high-precision cutting, fiber clamping, bending, scratching, and cleaving with a single action. With good wear resistance, Fujikura CT20/30 has a blade life of 8000 times and cuts fiber with a cutting angle of 16. Fujikura CT20/30 Fiber Cleaver Blades are used in optical fiber cleavers.


Specifications –

Minimum Blade Life 48,000 Fibers 
Dimensions (W x D x H) 4.37 x 1 x 1 cm  
Brand  Fujikura 
Blade Positions  3 Height positions , 16 rotating positions  
Outer Diameter  22 – 22.5 MM 
Thickness 2 MM
Inside Diameter  3 – 4 MM 
Compatible Machines 50S , 60s , 80s 
Material High Carbon Steel
Weight 30 gram
Brand  Fujikura 


Features –

  • Easy one-action cleaving for speedy and skill-free operation
  • Longer blade life (3 height ×16 rotating positions)
  • Light weight and user friendly shape
  • Applicable up to 24-fiber ribbon cleaving
  • Optional fiber collector for fiber scrap

Application –

  • Splicing Machine 



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