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Product description-

Finolex CAT-5E Lan Cable is a high-speed, high-performance cable capable of transmitting high-bit-rate signals over long distances. Finolex’s CAT-5E is suitable for ethernet over twisted pair networks. It has a low noise, reduced crosstalk potential. Data is transmitted without signal degradation.


Specifications –

  • Length
  • Conductor Material
Copper Clad Steel / CCS
  • Jacket Material
  • No. of Pairs
4 Pair
  • Lan Category
  • Wire Gauge
24 AWG
  • Jacket Colour
  • Brand


Features –  :

  • 4 Pair Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
  • Category CAT-5E + ethernet cable
  • Fire Retardant PVC Compound (FRPVC) Sheath
  • 24 AWG Annealed bare solid copper conductor
  • High-Density Polyethylene Insulation
  • Single Coat Cable mainly used for internal indoor wiring
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Fast data transmission
  • Less interference
  • Faster travel of megabytes and gigabyte
  • Increased longevity
  • Less signal loss
  • Constant signal

Application –

  • Telephone
  • Computer data transmission
  • Building
  • fire and anti- theft security systems
  • Campus
  • Voice/data systems Digital video Broadband


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