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Product Description –    

CC 12V 1Amp Adapter, also known as a charger power adapter, is a compact Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Adaptor that plugs into a wall outlet to convert AC power into a single DC voltage. It serves as a power supply for electronic devices. The power rating on the AC Adapter is measured in volts or watts, indicates the power it can supply to an electronic device. This power adapter gives 12V 1A DC Output. There is no minimum load requirement.


Specifications –

2.Category Switch Mode Power Supply Adaptor (SMPS)
3.Output Type DC
4.Output 12Volts 1Amp


Features –

  • Exceptional quality and reliability.
  • Protection against short circuit, overvoltage, and overcurrent.
  • The occurrence of faults is extremely low.
  • There is no minimum load requirement.
  • Centre Positive regulated power supply.
  • Due to its power plug design, there is no need for a plug converter.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Regulated Stable Voltage.
  • SMPS based adapter of high quality.
  • The output is stabilized, low ripple, and interference is low.
  • Single Output Voltage.
  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Application –

The CC Adapter can be used for – 

  • Cell phones.
  • Laptop computers.
  • GPS units.
  • DVD players.
  • LCD screens.



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