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Product Description –

CC OFC Visual Fault Laser Locator is a powerful fiber-optic cable fault locating tool which detects sharp
bends & breaks within 5 km of fiber jackets or bare fibers. With a bright red laser with wavelength
with 650nm and continuous flashing modes, it illuminates fiber breaks and damaged connectors on patch cords, making fault location easier. The device is easy to operate and portable. Visual fault laser locator is made of high quality metal and is waterproof. 

Specifications –

  • Wavelength
650nm ± 20nm
  • Dynamic Distance
  • Connector
2.5mm Universal Connector
  • Laser Safety Rating
Class IIIa
  • Operation Temperature
0°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions
  • Battery Type
2 x AA
  • Output Power
  • Housing Material
  • Operation Mode
Pulsed (2Hz) and CW
  • Emitter Type
Laser Diode
  • Storage Temperature
-20°C to +70°C
  • Weight
  • Battery Life
≥ 18 hours


Features –

  • Ease of portability.
  • 3-Phase light modes.
  • Bright LED laser with 650nm wavelength.
  • Waterproof metal design.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Cost-effective device.
  • Plastic dust cap protects the fiber connector from pollution.
  • Easy penetration of fiber up to 5km.
  • 2.5mm Universal Connector makes for easy connection to SC, ST and FC connectors.
  • Easy fault location.
  • Compact design.

Application – 

  • Fiber Optical Cable Test Tool


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