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Product Description –

CC PON Power Meter (pon test instrument) is specially designed for PON network construction and maintenance between OLT and ONT. This meter can measure online voice, data, and video signals and display optical power values. It is a useful site test tool for PON network engineers and maintenance operators. PON power meters can measure three standard wavelengths 1310nm , 1490nm and 1550nm. 

Specifications –

1310nm Upward Testing
  • Spectral Passband
  • Measuring Range
  • Max Input Power
  • Isolation At 1310nm
  • Isolation At 1550nm
1490 Downward  Testing
  • Spectral  Passband
  • Measuring Range
  • Max Input Power
  • Isolation At 1310nm
  • Isolation At 1550nm
Common Part
  • Fiber Type
  • Connector
  • Uncertainty
  • Linearity
  • Battery
  • Temperature


Features –

  • Easy to operate and portable 
  • 3 wavelengths power of PON system synchronously: 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm
  • Can test the burst mode signal of 1310nm
  • 480*800, true color touch screen
  • Friendly operation interface, human message management and operation function
  • Supply 10 groups of threshold values for operator’s choice, analyze and display pass and fail status
  • Relative value choice and edit function
  • Can set the threshold value, upload data, and calibrate wavelength through management software
  • Auto shut off and Auto backlight off function (according to set value)
  • 6600mAh Lithium battery with power saving design (Low voltage self-check and power off)
  • Real-time clock display

Application –

  • Maintenance Telecom
  • Maintenance CATV
  • Test Lab of Fiber Optic
  • Optical fiber sensors
  • Optical Communication
  • Optical Measurement 


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