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Product Description –

Fiber cleaver SKL-6C cable cutting knife FTTT fiber optic knife tools cutter High Precision Fiber Cleavers 16 surface blade genuine fiber cleaver is the South Korean imports of technology development of a suitable for cold joint and can meet the hot melt a multi-purpose optical fiber cutter, the product uses the 16 bit planes in high strength blade, longer life, comes with triple a fixture can flex, fiber and bare fiber cutting, automatic back knife slide, only need to put good fiber cover the cap and then to push you can complete all the cutting work.


Specifications –

Material (Applicable Fiber) Silica Glass
Cladding Diameter (Applicable Fiber) 125um
Fiber Count (Applicable Fiber) Single
Cleave Length 5~20mm (.25) / 10~20mm (0.9)
Cleave Angle (Typical) 0.5 Degrees with Single Fiber
Off-Cut Collector Option
Single-Fiber Adapter Pre-fitted (AP-FC6M)
Dimensions (mm) 63(W)x77(D)x63(H)
Weight (approx) 380g
Field Replaceable Blade FCP-20BL
Blade Life* 54,000 fibers (2,250 fibers x 24 positions)


Features –

  • Utilizes an Automatic Anvil Drop for Fewer Required Steps and Better Cleave Consistency
  • Prevents Double Scoring of the Fibers
  • Has Superior Blade Height and Rotational Adjustment
  • Available With Automatic Fiber Scrap Collection
  • Can Be Operated With Minimal Steps


Application –

  • Splicing Machine



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