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Product description-
CC OFC Spray is a fast-acting cleaner that is used to remove dust and soils from optical fibers prior to termination and splicing or to clean the end of connector ferrules. Spray helps to remove stains, dirt, dust and  other contaminant residue. 


  • Packaging Size
1000 ML
  • Packaging Type
  • Bottle Material
  • Form
  • Usage
  • Item Weight
370 g
  • Brand
Cable Connector


  • Keep Away From Fire Flame.
  • Do Not Take Internally.
  • Avoid Contact With Eyes And Skin.

Features –

  • Suitable for PCB, BGA, PGA AND SMD reworking.
  • Purest electronic grade IPA is packed.
  • Widely used for mobile phone chips or computer maintenance.
  • This pure IPA is free from redistilled chemical solvents and trapped water.
  • You can easily clean the electronic board without any trouble-shoots.

Application –

  • Sanitization of Make-up tools
  • Clean CPU, GPU and All Circuits
  • Clean Thermal Paste
  • Clean Sensitive Machine Tools
  • Clean and Sanities Electronic Items 
  • Clean Electric Boards


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