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Product Description –

Nest Coupler 55/45 Triple series is a highly reliable and stable fused coupler with a compact design. Ideal for  splitting or combining light signals between two fibers over a wide wavelength and temperature range. Nest Fiber Coupler 55/45 Triple series has a low excess loss, low polarization-dependent loss and low back reflection. Higher ratio will have more distribution and have more signal loss and lower ratio will have less distribution and less signal loss. Among other applications, Coupler is used for CATV Network and Optical Communication System


Specifications –

  1. Coupling Ratio (%)
  1. Wavelength:
1310 nm 1490 nm 1550 nm
  1. Maximum allowable insertion loss (dB):
O1 : 3.5

O2 : 4.4

  1. Package type:
Bare fiber, 
  1. Operating temperature range:
-40 to 85 C
  1. Connector Type:
  1. Out port port : 
O1: Blue

O2: Clear


Features –

  • Three Operating Window
  • Low Excess Loss
  • Low PDL (Polarization Dependent Loss)
  • High Reliability and Stability  

Application – 

The Triple series 55/45 can be used for – 

  • FTTH, Passive Optical Network
  • CATV Network
  • Optical Communication System
  • Optical Amplifier


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