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Product Description – 

OL Coupler (1X4) for EDFA is a low-cost light distribution solution with a compact design. It provides excellent insertion loss and wavelength dependence. OL EDFA Coupler can work across a wide temperature range and supports a large-scale operating wavelength. The device is ideal for use as an input and output power monitor in power amplifiers, preamplifiers, and repeaters where signal insertion loss minimization and tap ratio wavelength independence are of primary importance.  

Specifications –

1. Output Ratio (Each Port) 25
2. Operating wavelength and bandwidth 1310/1550 +/- 40nm
3. Min Directivity (dB)         >55
4.Min Return Loss  >55
5.Maximum allowable insertion loss (dB) O1- 6.29

O2- 6.27

O3- 6.33

O4- 6.34

6.Maximum allowable PD loss (dB) O1- 0.01

O2- .0.03

O3- 0.02

O4- 0.03

7. Bandwidth +40
8. Fiber Type Corning SMF -28e
9. Fiber Pigtail Length (m) 1.0m
10. Package Dimension        100 x 80 x 10 mm
11. Operating temperature range -20 to +70C
12. Storage Temperature range        −40 to +85C
13. Connector SC/APC-SC/APC
14. Pigtail type 3.0 mm

Features –

  • Low Cost Light Distribution Solution 
  • Low Insertion loss
  • Compact Design
  • Wide Operating Wavelength
  • Wide Operating Temperature

Application – 

  • The OL Coupler (1X4) can be used for EDFA.


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