Digital Meter Audio Pressure Level

Digital Meter Audio Pressure Level


Brand – Com-Tech

Product Name – Com-tech Digital Meter

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Product Description –

Com-Tech Digital meter is compatible with digital channels and supports strong comprehensive performances. It features LCD screens with a dual-channel measurement display and operating modes with high brightness backlights  for fast and easy detecting. A numeric keypad makes input simple on the Com-Tech Digital meter. It is widely used in the construction and maintenance of closed-circuit television systems, the measurement of TV signal level and power level, and routine CATV system maintenance.


Specifications –

  • Frequency scope
31.5Hz – 8kHz
  • Frequency accuracy
+50 * 10E-6 (20 oC +5 oC)
  • Level measurement range
30dBuV ~ 120 dBμV
  • Level measurement accuracy
+2dB (20 oC +5oC)
  • Level measurement Resolution
  • Carrier-to-noise ratio measurement range
20dB ~ 50 dB
  • Carrier-to-noise ratio measurement signal input range
  • Carrier-to-noise ratio measurement accuracy
+ 3dB (20oC +5oC)
  • Carrier-to-noise ratio measurement channel scan
  • Voltage Input range
1 ~ 100V (AC / DC)
  • Voltage Measurement accuracy
  • Voltage Resolution
  • Power supply Battery
7.2V/1500mAH rechargeable battery
  • AC Power Supply
AC 90V-220V 50Hz-60Hz
  • Power supply Working time
6 hours
  • Power supply Charging time
3 hours


Features –   

  • Operating modes with high brightness backlights
  • LCD screens with a dual-channel measurement display
  • Pragmatic and convenient
  • Easy input using the numeric keypad
  • Compatible to both analog / digital channels
  • Strong comprehensive performance
  • Digital Scan, Digital TILT, Digital Spectrum
  • Trunk Voltage
  • Load Data for Browse
  • Double digital Channel Testing

Application – 

  • Construction and maintenance of analog TV / digital TV
  • Measurement of TV signal level 
  • Measurement of power level
  • Routine maintenance of CATV system


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