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Product Description –    

Electro Fiber 2 Core (FRP + Yarn) Single Mode is a high-quality G652D unarmoured FRP with PVC insulation that is impervious to moisture and water and is rust-resistant. It consists of one or more optical fibers that transmit data, the capacity of which is 26,000 times higher than that of twisted pair cable. Fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) increase durability and are up to 75% lighter than steel. Electro Fiber 2 Core (FRP + Yarn) Single Mode, Unarmoured optical fiber has a small core that allows only one mode of light to propagate at a time. Among other applications, Electro Fiber 2 Core (FRP + Yarn) Single Mode is used for building main telecommunications room, CCTV and FTTD applications.


Specifications –

  • Grade
  • Core
2 FRP + Glass Yarn
  • FRP Diameter
0.9 mm
  • Cable Diameter
5.8 mm
  • Number of Core
  • Mode Type
  • Usage
  • Length
As per requirement
  • Installation Temperature
-20°C ~+60°C
  • Operational Temperature
-40°C ~+70°C
  • Storage Temperature
-40°C ~+70°C
  • Insulation Material


Features –

  • High-Quality Unarmoured FRP. 
  • Enhances cable strength and durability. 
  • Jacket the cable with fresh PE material. 
  • Excellent finishing and accuracy.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Resistant to water immersion or moisture. 
  • Up to 75% lighter and stronger than steel. 


Application –

  • FTTX applications between the building main telecommunications room and the apartment/office consolidation point. 
  • FTTD applications. 
  • CCTV. 
  • Access control. 
  • BMS.
  • Network switching with SFP module.


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