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Product Description –

A pair of electrodes is the key item to generate arc discharge for fiber splicing. The ELCT series is the exclusive electrodes for Fujikura Arc Fusion Splicers. In order to perform Fujikura Splicers properly and completely, the genuine electrodes shall be utilized. Several types of the ELCT series are prepared for each model of Splicer. It is recommended to replace the electrodes with the fresh pair, in every 1,000 counts of the arc discharge. The ELCT series is supplied with a pair, for the anode and the cathode respectively. It is used in FSM 28S, 38S,48S,66S+,88S+, 88R.


Specifications –

Brand Fujikura
Electrode Life 5000
Electrode Material Tungsten Alloy
Color White
Fujikura Electrode Model ELECT2-16B.
Size Standard
Electrode diameter 2 mm
Length 20 mm


Features –

  • Easy one-action cleaving for speedy and skill-free operation
  • Longer blade life 
  • Light weight and user friendly shape
  • Applicable up to 12-fiber ribbon cleaving
  • Optional fiber collector for fiber scrap

Application –

  • Splicing Machine


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