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Product Description –    

Electroline 2 Port VGA Switch enables multiple devices like PCs/Laptops (or other VGA sources) to share one VGA monitor or projector. VGA switch may be used in security setups where monitoring different areas of a building is required and switching between multiple inputs is a necessity. Input with PC/Notebook,Output with projector/LCD/TV. Ideal for presentations, classrooms, control center, remote monitoring & training facilities. 

Specifications –

Product 2 Port simple VGA Switch (Metal)
Function Key Press Switch
Resolution 1920 x 1440
power No additional power required
devices Connect 2 devices to a single VGA port 


Features –

  • 2 Port simple VGA Switch (Metal)
  • Key Press Switch
  • Resolution : 1920 x 1440
  • No additional power required


Application –

  • House  
  • Offices
  • security setups
  • Building
  • Presentations
  • classrooms 
  • control center
  • remote monitoring 
  • training facilities



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