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Product Description –    

Electroline multipurpose USB extension board comes with 3 Power Sockets and 4 USB to match all the plug standards. The 1.8M elastic strong power cord is up to 750ºc heat resistant with high safety standards. The USB intelligent charging automatically identifies the mobile phone, tablet, power bank, and other USB devices and assigns 0.1A to 2.4A for best supply. The Power socket has a rated voltage of AC100-250V~, maximum 10A current & 2500W power. 

Specifications –

  • Product
  • Socket
3 Power Socket
  • USB
  • Rated Voltage
Rated Voltage : AC100-250V~
  • Rated Current
10A (max)
  • Rated Power
2500W (max)
  • USB Total Output
DC5v – 3.1A
  • Product Size
53 x 29 x 260 mm
  • Color

Features –

  • Multipurpose extension board
  • 3 Power socket + 4 USB ports
  • Intelligent USB charging : automatically adjusts the current
  • 2500W rated power
  • 750º C high flame resistant
  • Phosphor bronze copper sleeve
  • High protection standards
  • LIB – 129 M power cord
  • Elastic strong cord

Application –

  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Phones, Laptop, Camera, Computer, Game Console etc.


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