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Product Description –    

Electroline VGA to VGA cable is a plug and play cable used for interconnecting two devices simultaneously like laptop, monitor, projector and many more. High quality 15 pin VGA Connector is designed for high resolution monitor and signal transmission. It is a strong , flexible cable and a great replacement for video or monitor cables that are no longer working.


*Specifications –

Product  VGA to VGA cable
Length  1.5 M
Material Copper 
Colour Black
VGA Pin 15
Brand Electroline

Features –  

  • High Quality VGA Cable
  • 15 Pin Male To Male VGA Cable
  • Fully shielded VGA/SVGA extension
  • VGA video cable is used to connect a VGA or SVGA card or monitor to each other or to a data switch


  • Computer monitors
  • Televisions
  • Desktop
  •  Laptop 
  • Projector
  •  LEDs
  • LCDs


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