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Product Description – 

Hot-pluggable transceiver that facilitates seamless, high-speed data communications. A Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) enables optical or copper cables to connect motherboards of network devices such as switches and routers for  data transmission over an extended distance. EPON OLT SFP transceiver designed for Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) application. It is supplied in the SFP package with a single SC/  receptacle connector. It can fully support the EPON OLT application  specified by  the Base-PX20 specifications. This EPON OLT transceiver module consists of  1490nm continuous-mode 1.25Gb/s DFB transmitter, 1310nm burst-mode  1.25Gb/s APD receiver, Preamplifier and WDM filter in  a high-integrated optical  sub-assembly. It is Class 1laser Product comply with the SFP EPON OLT PX20+  is 1.25G  EPON Transceiver Module (SMF, 1490nmTx/1310nmRx, 20km, SC)This  SFP Module supports data rate of typical 1.25 Gbps for GEPON OLT application  up to 20km transmission distance, it’s designed meeting.

Specification :

  • Product Series
  • Form Factor
  • Wavelength
  • Max Distance
20 km
  • Transmitter optical Power
  • Receiver Sensitivity
< -30 dBm
  • Data Rate
  • Fiber Type
  • Extinction ratio
> 9 dB
  • Receiver Overload
> -8 dBm
  • Temperature 
0 to 70°C 
  • Data transfer rate
  • Power Supply

Features :

  • fiber bi-directional dSingle ata links with 1.25Gbps Upstream/1.25Gbps Downstream
  • 1490nm continuous-mode transmitter with DFB LD
  • 1310nm burst-mode receiver .
  • 2-wire interface for integrated digital diagnostic Monitoring
  • SFP package with SC/UPC receptacle optical interface
  • Single +3.3V power supply
  • SFP with SC/PC Connector Transceiver
  • 1490 nm DFB Tx
  • 1310 nm APD Rx
  • 1250 Mbps continuous mode Transmission
  • 1250 Mbps Burst mode receiver Data Rate
  • Operation case temperature: -5~70°C

Application :

  • Switches,
  • Routers, 
  • Network Interface Cards (NICs) 
  • Media Converters.
  • OLT 



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