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Product Description – 

CC LC/LC Manual connector allows easy engagement and disengagement due its smaller size. LC small form-factor fiber optic is used in fiber optic communications to reduce the optical fiber power by a certain level. The innovative LC design has a form factor that is half the size of current industry standards, and its simple features redefine user-friendliness.

Specifications –

  • Insertion loss (IL)
Typ.: 0.10 dB
  • Return loss (RL)
>60 dB for jumpers up to 3 m
  • Operating temperature
-40 °C to +80 °C
  • Durability
Min 1000 cycles
  • Assembly procedure
Glue and polish
  • Connection
Physical contact
  • Lock mechanism
  • Ferrule material
Full ceramic zirconium
  • Connector material


Features –  

  • increases panel density – provides duplex connection in 50% less space
  • duplex fits RJ-45 footprint
  • user-friendly audible latch to indicate proper mating

Application –

  • Telecom, 
  • Sensor systems, Measuring Technique
  • Utilities, Railways


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