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Product Description –
Macfee RG 6 Coaxial CCS (Copper Clad Steel) Coil is thin and easy to bend for wall or ceiling installations and remains the preferred choice to relay cable television signals and RF signal transmission. The higher mechanical strength minimizes physical damage during installation.  It is low loss cable for exceptional signal and picture quality, even over long runs. It works great indoors and outdoors, with a highly durable weatherproof and UV resistant PVC outer jacket and 75 Ohms high quality consistent throughout the whole cable. Made from PVC, it protects the insulation layer and conductor core from external forces.  

Specifications –

  • Connector Type                                                                                                             
  • Cable Length
100 M
  • Cable Type
  • Brand
  • Conductor Type 
Copper Clad Steel (CCS)
  • Ohms
  • Resolution
1080 FULL HD / 4K 
  • Outer Jacketing Sheath material
PVC- Black
  • Approximate Nominal thickness
0.70 mm
  • Approximate Cable OD
6.60 mm


Features –

  • Thin and Easy to bend for wall or ceiling installations.
  • The steel conductor coated thinly with a layer of copper gives higher mechanical strength.
  • Shielding minimizes physical damage during installation.

Application – 

Macfee RG 6 Coaxial CCS Coil can be used for:

  • Cable television (CATV), VCR
  • Satellite receiver
  • Cable box, 
  • Digital router
  • Modem cable
  • TV antenna cable
  • Other devices with RG6 F-type coaxial (RG6 F-pin coaxial) port.


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