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Product Description –

F Nut Connector MX RF Female Balun is a 75 Ohm Nickel-Plated Brass coaxial connector with a push-on Female connector to RF connector for RG-6 cables. It uses the solid center conductor of the coaxial cable as a pin. It quickly connects and disconnects coupling, thereby providing extremely low signal attenuation. It is designed to join two coaxial cables together. F Nut Connector MX RF Female Balun minimizes digital noise, improves signal quality and reduces packet loss for modems. Among its multiple weather-resistant applications are video, data and telephones.

Specifications –

  • Connector Type
  • Cable Type
  • Connector Gender
  • Body Plating
Nickel-plated brass


Features –

  • Minimizes digital noise and improves signal quality.
  • Reduces packet loss for modems.
  • Lasting performance.

Application –

Intended for devices with F-Type ports such as –

  • Cable box
  • TV
  • Satellite receiver
  • VCR
  • Cable modem
  • Off-air antenna



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