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Product Description –

O-Vision Gold WDM PON EDFA (4 out x 17 dBm) is a high-power optical amplifier with multi-port output and dual power supply. The core component uses high reliable Pump laser with a special APC (Auto Power Control) and ATC (Auto Temperature Control) circuit, for high stability and reliability of the output power. 

It boosts the intensity of optical signals carried through fiber optic communication networks. O-Vision Gold WDM PON EDFA has an operational wavelength of 1565 nm and features two-stage amplification with a low noise figure. An LCD at the front of the panel of the O-Vision Gold WDM displays an index of equipment and warning alarms. The high stable and accurate MPU (Microprocessor) can adjust the system 
with convenient display. Light echo detection prevents damage to jump stitches. O-Vision Gold WDM PON EDFA offers a flexible, low-cost solution for CATV, MSO, LCO, and FTTH Triple Play solution providers


Specifications –

  • Operation wavelength
1530 – 1565 nm
  • OLT pass wavelength
1310/1490 nm (Typical) 
  • CATV pass wavelength loss
<0.8 dB
  • OLT pass wavelength loss
<0.8 dB
  • Wavelength isolation between CATV & OLT
≥45 dB
  • Input power
-5 to +10 dBm
  • Total output power
16 dBm
  • Each port output power
16 dBm
  • Number of output port
  • Difference of each output power
-0.5 to +0.5 dB
  • Noise figure
≤5.0 dB
  • Polarization dependence gain
0.4 dB
  • Polarization mode dispersion
0.3 ps/nm
  • Pump power leakage
≤30 dBm
  • Echo loss
≥45 dB
  • Connectors
FC/APC or SC/APC Optional
  • Serial interface
  • SNMP network management interface
  • Power supply
160 V
  • Power consume
<30 W
  • Work temp.
-5°C to 55°C 
  • Storage temp.
-30°C to 70°C
  • Work relative humidity
5-95 %
  • Size (W)×(D)×(H)
483(w)×340(d)×44(h) approx.


Features –

  • Single High density Pump
  • Operating bandwidth 1530 ~ 1565nm
  • Output optical power per port of 17dbm
  • 4 port output 
  • Dual power supply 
  • Low power consumption 
  • Input optical range of -5 to 10dbm 
  • Low noise
  • High output
  • High reliability 
  • Professional equipment
  • The pump laser is the most valuable part of the machine.
  • Dual redundancy power supply design, hot backup, supports automatic switching, hot plug.
  • Integra-table WDM: It will be more concise used in GPON, EPON

Application –

  • CATV 
  • MSO
  • LCO 
  • FTTH Triple Play


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