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Product Description –

Electrodes wear with use and also must be cleaned periodically due to silica oxide buildup. it is recommended that the electrodes should be replaced after 3, 000 arc discharges. When the number of arc discharges reaches a count of 3,000, a message prompting to replace the electrodes is displayed immediately after turning on the power. Using the electrodes without a replacement will result in greater splice loss and reduced splice strength.


Specifications –

Diameter 1.6mm
Original fiber electrodes.(FURUKAWA)
Length 17.6mm
Shape of knob Flat
Color of knob Black
Compatible Brand FUJIKURA
Fusion Splicer Compatibility *FIX FOR-: 








Length 1.5 cm
Electrode Material High Carbon Steel
Color Silver
Weight 30 gram
Item Shape Straight


Features –

  • Easy one-action cleaving for speedy and skill-free operation
  • Longer blade life 
  • Light weight and user friendly shape
  • Applicable up to 12-fiber ribbon cleaving
  • Optional fiber collector for fiber scrap

Application –

  • Splicing Machine


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