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Product Description –: 

CC OFC 60 MM Imported sleeve is a heat shrinkable tube with a stainless steel needle. Specifically designed for the protection of fiber optical closures. Imported sleeve retains optical transmission property and light passing through OFC sleeve does not scatter or reflect. The 60MM sleeve ensures the splice and the region surrounding it are virtually as strong as the intact fiber and prevents damage to the splice, providing a 0dB loss connection. OFC sleeve is for fiber to patch cord. Among other applications, Imported  Sleeve is mainly used for Cable TV and Fiber Splicing Machines. 

Specifications –:

  • Sleeve length
60 MM
  • Outer diameter after recovery
OD2.4 mm + / – 0.1mm
  • Pin diameter
OD 1.2 mm / – 0.1mm
  • Working  installation temperature
-55 to 100°C (-67 to 212°F)
  • Minimum installation temperature
110 degree
  • Maximum  installation time
Up to 60 seconds
  • Color
  • Brand
Cable Connector


Features –:

  • Keep optical transmission performance of optical fiber
  • Provide safe protection to optical fiber splicing
  • Airproof configuration keeping the splice point’s good resistance of humidity and temperature
  • Easy use and application 
  • Does not affect the optical conductivity of the fiber
  • Sleeves shrink tightly to hold the rod firmly, preventing the delicate glass fibers from abrasion
  • Clear sleeves make it easy to detect splice before shrinkage

Application – :

  • Fiber Splicing machine 
  • FTTH Box 
  • Joint Enclosure 
  • Broadband network boxes
  • Cable transfer boxes, 
  • Cable junction box
  • Drop Cable Jointer
  • Telecom Industries 
  • ISP
  • Cable TV
  • Electrical and Telecommunication


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