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Product Description –: 

CC OFC Fiber Metal Clip has a strong substrate grip and a taper lock system with a single component. The metal clips hold wires and cables securely to walls, ceilings and floors, preventing them from being entangled or damaged by the elements. OFC Fiber Metal Clips are used to organize cable clutter by directing cables far and away from view and bundling them together. 

Specifications –:

  • Material
  • Sleeve Length
4.6 cm 
  • Type Of Keyboard Stand
  • Melting point 
  • Color 
Rust (metal)

Features –:

  • Prevent damage to fiber optic cables. 
  • Taper lock system with a single component.
  • An optional fitting tool for tight corners, such as wall-ceiling joints. 
  • Strong substrate grip. 
  • Melting point >1300°C.

Applications -: 

  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Telecommunications cabling


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