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Product Description –    

Optilink 4 Way FTTH Micro Node (Indoor) is a durable and reliable network structure designed for fibre-to-the-home networks (FTTH). It is a cost-effective optical radio frequency (RF) converter. It converts optical signals into radio frequency through the fiber from EDFA. Optilink 4 Way FTTH Micro Node is a low noise level node with a good C/N ratio. Optilink’s FTTH Micro Node is designed for indoor use. 


Specifications –

  • Frequency Range 
5-1000 MHZ
  • Frequency
1000 MHZ
  • Network
  • Optical Input Power 
0dBm @ 52dB Out
  • Flatness 
+/-1.5 Db
  • Impedance 
62-66 ohms
  • No. of output
  • Use
Indoor Type


Features –  

  • Mainly designed for FTTP (Fiber to the Post).
  • There is no power requirement 
  • Featuring a sturdy plastic environment-friendly body.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Pin diode with high response and low noise. 
  • Compact design.
  • Easy Installation.

Application –

  • CATV (Cable TV). 


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