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Product Description – 

GPON OLT OP-GOLT 92408A is a high density 1U pizza box; it adopts the advanced technology and Broadcom ASIC chip. OP-GOLT 92408A is fully compliant with ITU-T G.988 GPON standards, and can communicate with a variety of ONTs (Optical Network Termination) from various manufacturers. It is built on Optilink’s established and stable OS software platform, which ensures excellent high reliability and stability. OP-GOLT 92408A supports network management via CLI and SNMP, with a good user interface, and is easy to operate. OP-GOLT 92408A provides the highest GPON port density in 1U box in the industry, which has 8 ports GPON, 2 ports 10GE or 8 ports GE uplink. Single GPON port can manage 128 ONTs, one equipment can manage up to 1024 ONTs. The device is easy to install and commissioning, lowering operator costs. It is ideal for service providers looking to develop GPON-based FTTH networks.


Switching Capacity 205Gbps
PON Interface 8 ports GPON
Uplink Interface 2 ports 10G (SFP+) or 8 ports GE
Power Supply 1 plus 1 AC: Input 100?240V?47?63Hz

1 plus 1 DC: Input -40.5V?-72V

Power consumption Maximum: 150W
Dimensions (mm) (W*D*H) 445mm*340mm*44.5mm

487mm*340mm*44.5mm?With hanger?

Environment Working temperature: -5°C?50°C

Storage temperature: -40°C?70°C

Relative humidity: 10%?90%?no condensing

Features – 


  • Compliance with ITU-T G.988 and operator related standards 
  • Each PON port supports up to 128 GPON ONT 
  • Support of 5 types bandwidth profile 
  • Support of multiple ONT authentication mechanisms, such as LOID, SN, Password, and combined authentication 
  • Support of ONT information report 
  • Support of ONT auto register  
  • Support of DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  • Support of 4K VLAN entries 
  • Support of QinQ based on port or service flow 
  • Support of VLAN add, remove, translate and transparent per 
  • ONT service flow based 
  • Support bidirectional bandwidth control 
  • Support static and LACP aggregation groups 
  • Support port mirrors and service mirrors  
  • Support port SFP information reading 
  • Support port RSSI configuration and alarm

Application – 

  • Internet Service Providers 
  • Server Rooms 
  • Control Rooms 
  • Campus 
  • Networking & Telecommunication 


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