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Product Description –    

OVG DC Economy Hybrid Amplifiers, also referred to as cable signal boosters, are used to improve the speed and reliability of your signal as well as the quality of your cable TV picture and reception. These Economy hybrid amplifiers utilize superior quality Hybrid IC Modules to obtain excellent features. It has a metal body. The OVG Amplifier helps to improve the color and clarity of cable or antenna television signals.

Specifications –

Frequency Range 5 – 860 MHz
Frequency 50 Hz
Gain 32 dB
Output 75/90/105 dB 
Brand OVG


Features –

  • Economical Optical to RF Signal Convertor
  • Suitable for Use in 40 to 860 MHZ.
  • 80 to 110db RF Signal for the Optical Input of 0 dbm
  • Low Noise
  • High Linearity
  • Good Flatness
  • Very High C/N
  • 6V./24V. Input DC Voltage
  • Reverse Path Power Pass System

Application –

  • The OVG DC Economy Hybrid Amplifier is applicable for CATV. 


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