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Product Description –    

OVG M-Convertor 100 M Dual Fiber is an auto-negotiation network device designed for the VLAN data pocket transport protocol. It converts full/half-duplex communication protocols between different cable types, typically copper CATX/UTP to fiber. OVG M-Convertor 100M Dual Fiber operates with bi-directional wavelength (BIDI) using two fibers strands with the same wavelength. BIDI uses wavelengths of 1310 nm and 1550 nm in opposing directions for a single fiber strand. A pair of OVG M-Converters inserted into copper networks increase cable distance and improve electromagnetic shielding. The 100 M Dual Fiber can extend LANs and convert fiber modes and link speeds.

Specifications –

  • Standards
IEEE802.3U IEEE802.1d
IEEE802.1Q (10/100M)
  • Media Supports
10Base-T EIA/TIA 568 Cat3,4,5,5e or 6 UTP/STP
100Base-T EIA/TIA 568 Cat3,4,5,5e or 6 UTP/STP
1000Base-FX Single mode
  • Power (Option)
External Power 5V DC
Internal 220V, 1A
Internal 48V DC
  • Environment
0 – 50 °C
  • LED Indicator
Link/ACT, Speed and FDX/Col
Link/ACT & FDX
  • Certificates
CE & FCC-Class A


Features –  

  • Connects dual fiber equipment to a single-fiber network. 
  • Enhances fiber capacity by splitting dual fiber into two single-fiber strands.
  • Supports full/half-duplex communication with auto-negotiation.  
  • Designed to support the VLAN data pocket transport protocol, which is an IEEE 802.1Q protocol based switch.
  • The Data Packet transport integrity is guaranteed with Remote Pause due to its Remote LINK-LOSS capability.  
  • Power supply is either an internal AC220 & DC-48 power source or an external 5V power source.

Application –

  • OVG M-Convertor 100 M Dual Fiber connects two switches in different buildings.


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