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Product Description –

RG6 CRIMPING grade compression crimping tool for coaxial cables – widely used by cable tv technicians and other field engineers who do set up and installation of similar cables (RG6, RG59). It is pre-calibrated and used to make a push-in F plunger connector for coaxial cable. Widely applied in areas of video, satellite tv, cable tv, cat v, home theatre, security and modems ,Dish TV / Cable TV. This compression tool kit is made of high precision hardness tool steel and environmentally friendly ABS

Specifications –

  • Function
  • Range of use
RG59 RG6 coaxial cable
  • Length
  • Extrusion range
  • Material
  • Color


Features –  :

  • Perfect for satellite, city,  home theatre and security.
  • Special soft material non-slip comfortable to use feel strong, ergonomic design.
  • Handle lock setting is easy , after receiving protection network lock pliers. 

Application – : 

  • Cable TV, 
  • Home Theatre
  • Security and Modems
  • Video
  • satellite tv
  • Dish TV

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