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Product Description –

OVG Patch Panel 12 Port Loaded SC/UPC is a durable, rustproof, designed patch panel with operational simplicity. It directs individual cables to specific port locations, providing easy and accurate cable management. 12 Port Loaded SC/UPC consists of multiple jacks for connecting and routing circuits for monitoring, interconnecting, and testing circuits in a convenient, flexible manner. OVG Patch Panel optimizes fiber density with a 1U, 2U and 4U height increment by facilitating internal fiber management. Among its multiple applications are rack installation and FC, SC, ST, and LC adapters.


Specifications –

  • Adapters output
12 core
  • Environment temperature
-40°C ~+80°C
  • Relative humidity
≤85% (30°C)
  • Atmosphere pressure
  • Insulated Resistance
 ≥2×10MΩ/500V (DC)
  • Fiber radius of curvature


Features –

  • Perfect fixup, reliable fiber lead and grounding.
  • OVG Patch Panel 12 Port Loaded SC/UPC is convenient for operations and maintenance.
  • Having a highly intensified & insulated material.
  • OVG Patch Panel 12 Port Loaded SC/UPC has an excellent mechanical performance.
  • The OVG Patch Panel is durable and solid.
  • The design is dustproof.
  • Operational simplicity.
  • The termination of terminal branches is possible.
  • The front panel features a clearly visible point of identification.
  • Pigtail splicing compatible.
  • Rear panel allows installation of a wide range of cable types.

Application –

  • Fiber management.
  • Rack installation.
  • Suitable for installing FC, SC, ST, and LC adapters.


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