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Product Description –    

Cable Connector FTTH Cassette PLC (1X8) Blue is a compact, high-performing, reliable device with convenient engineering applications. It distributes optical signals to multiple locations for processing that split into many identical signals or combine into one in optical networks. CC PLC Splitters utilizes optical waveguide technology to provide power management. The Blue FTTH cassette minimizes signal loss and enables operations across a wide temperature range. In Optilink FTTH Cassette PLC (1X8) Blue, 1 denotes the input of optical signals, whereas 8 denotes the optical signal output distributed to multiple locations for processing. Among its numerous applications are Fiber CATV and Local Area Networks (LAN).


Specifications –

Maximum Insertion Loss Port 1 : 10.24nm
Port 2: .10.47nm

Port 3: 10.46nm

Port 4: 10.43nm

Port 5: 10.41nm

Port 6: 10.37nm

Port 7 : 10.07nm

Port 8 : 10.35nm

Uniformity (<0.8dB)  1310nm : 0.44

1490nm : 0.43
1550nm : 0.39

Maximum Insertion PD Loss  (dB) 1310nm : <0.3

1490nm: <0.3
1550nm: <0.3

Directivity (dB) ≥ 55
Return (dB) ≥ 55
Connector Type SC / UPC
Storage Temperature  -40~+85
Operating Temperature -40~+85
Brand  Cable Connector

 Features –  

  • Excellent Insertion loss  and Return Loss parameters
  • Numerous channels
  • Highly reliable and stable ports 
  • Wavelengths of wide operation
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Engineering applications that are convenient
  • Ease of monitoring
  • Low Polarisation 
  • Compact Size

Application –

  • FTTx Construction
  • Fiber Optical communication system
  • Fiber Optical access networks
  • Fiber Sensor
  • Fiber CATV networks
  • Local area networks
  • PON
  • CWDM 
  • DWDM 


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