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Product Description –    

OVG M-Convertor Rack 14 U Chassis is a 19-inch compact and reliable rack with a 14 slot capacity. It provides higher-density rack-mounting of media converters in large installations that require rear access for power supply maintenance. OVG M-Convertor’s high port density ensures that enterprises and carriers can easily accommodate multiple media converter solutions in minimal rack spaces. To ensure system uptime, idle and fan-cooled power supplies can be hot-swapped.


Specifications –

  • 2U High 
19-inch standard design
  • Capacity 
14 slots available
  • Power
Input: AC 100 ~ 260V, 50~60HZ

Output: DC +5V 12A

  • Power protection
Protection from over voltage, over current and short circuit
  • Working temperature 
  • Storage temperature
  • Relative Humidity 
  • Dimensions
485 (wide) × 245 (length) × 90 (high)


Features –  

  • Racks can be powered by either single power or dual power sources. 
  • Dual power supplies allow the load of each power to be reduced and the power’s life to be prolonged. In the event of a power supply failure, the other will still operate independently. 
  • Compact and Reliable. Plug-and-play converters and power. 


Application –

  • Media Converter chassis
  • Converter chassis
  • Media converter rack mountable


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