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Product Description – 

CC RG6 Crimping black connector is a long-lasting, nickel-plated brass connector with a quadruple sealing system that keeps moisture from migrating into the connection. 360-degree radial compression provides exceptional radio frequency performance and integrity. Brass has good electrical properties, a high hardness, and is not easily broken. The nickel-plated layer has anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. RG6 Crimping black coaxial cable compression accessories are used to install a satellite TV dish/CCTV, move cable TV and cable modem, or wire up the cables for your new house.


Specifications –

Impedance 75 Ohms
Operating Frequency 0~1000MHz
Product Material Nickel-plated copper
Color Black
Connector Type RG6
Compatible Devices TV, Modem
Product Features  Moisture-proof
Cable Type Coaxial

Features –  

  • Waterproof performance, 
  • high electrical performance for permanent sealing after extrusion,
  •  low insertion loss 
  • Low return loss and 
  • high isolation

Application –

  • CATV (Cable Television) Equipment
  • Optical Workstation
  • Optical Transmitters
  • Optical Receivers
  • coaxial applications 
  •  Antenna, CATV
  •  satellite, CCTV


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