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Product Description – 

A coaxial RF connector (radio frequency connector) is an electrical connector designed to operate at multi-megahertz radio frequencies. RF connectors are typically used with coaxial cables and are designed to preserve the shielding provided by the coaxial design. It  reduces signal reflection and power loss by minimizing the change in transmission line impedance at the connection.

Specifications –

Product Material Plated Alloy/Metal
Color Silver
Dimensions  2.7 x 1cm/ 1.1 inch x 0.39 inch (L*D)
Connector Type RG6
Compatible Devices TV, Modem
Product Features  Moisture-proof
Cable Type Coaxial


Features –  

  • Adjustable Attenuation. 
  • Low Insertion Loss.
  • Compressed F head is also called extrusion F head. 
  • It has good waterproof performance, high electrical performance for permanent sealing after extrusion, 
  • Low insertion loss return loss and high isolation.

Application –

  • CATV (Cable Television) Equipment
  • Optical Workstation
  • Optical Transmitters
  • Optical Receivers 
  • satellite TV dish/CCTV, 
  • Move cable TV and cable modem
  •  Wire up the cables for your new house


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