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Product description-

COFE CF 4G007 Provides 4G LTE Mobile WAN and wired WAN connection to let you surf the internet easily. By simply plug a mobile operator’s SIM card, you can shared with multiple users or multiple devices and enjoy fast 4G speed. Use 4G LTE as primary connection while wired connection as backup connection, the device automatically fails over to wired connection when 4G signal is lost and fail back when it a word, it will let you always on Internet and enjoy the lately and fast mobile internet .It offers Wireless High speed of up to 300Mbps. It provides High speed Wi-Fi service to you steadily

Specification –

Brand COFE
Model  CF 4G007
Support 4G SIM
Connectivity Wireless/ Wired
Power Output 12v 2amp
Data Transfer Rate 300 megabits_per_second
Wifi Antenna 2.4G
Working Temperature.. -20°C +60° C


Features –

  • Hi-speed network device – No Buffering 
  • All GSM network supportable
  •  Support All companies DVR/NVR & Cameras No Need to configure Plug SIM card and surf internet without configuration
  • Plug SIM card and surf internet without configuration
  • Waterproof with 12V 2amp output 
  • Make area Wi-fi 

Application –

  • Home 
  • Office 


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