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Product Description –    

Electronline E750 Multi-Function Automatic Fiber Fusion Splicer is an active V-groove splicer with a flexible and stable performance when aligning fibers. E750 boasts a classic industrial design, an easy-to-use GUI menu, a convenient ARC automatic calibration feature, and high-quality components. The 1-second boot time , 6-second splice cycle time and 24-second heating cycle time improves splicing efficiency and productivity. E750 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fiber splicing applications and is protected against shocks, dust, and water by a 360° rubber armour. The Electronline E750 Splicing Machine uses an electric arc to fuse two pieces of optical fiber in such a way that light passing through the fibers is not scattered or reflected by the splice, ensuring that the splice and its surrounding area is nearly as strong as the intact fiber. This method of splicing is the most widely used since it minimizes insertion loss and virtually eliminates back reflection.


Specifications –

Applicable fiber SM(ITU-TG 652) MM(ITU-TG 651) DS(ITU-T G653) NZDS(ITU-T G655)
Diameter of cladding 80-150µm
Diameter of coating 160-900µm
Typical splice loss SM: 0.02dB, MM: 0.01dB, DS: 0.04db, NZDS: 0.04dB
Return loss > 60dB
Fiber cleaved length 10-16mm (coating diameter < 250µm), 16mm (coating diameter:250-1000µm)
Splicing program 40 groups
Operate mode Automatic/Manual
Auto-heating Available
Splicing Time 6 Seconds
Heating Time 24 Seconds for 60 mm and 40 mm shrinkable sleeves
Fiber magnification 250x (X or Y view), 125x (X and Y view)
Fiber display 2 CMOS Camera, 4.3 Inch 480*280 Colour LED Monitor
Records storage 4000 results
Loss evaluation Available
Tension Test 1.8-2.2N
Interface GUI menu interface, easy for operation
Battery 5200mAh Li-battery, typical 250 cycles splicing and heating, support separating charging
Power supply Adapter, input: AC 100-240v (50/60HZ), output: 11-13.5V
Electrodes life More than 4500 ARC discharges, can be replaced conveniently
Terminal USB2.0 port, for software upgrading and records exporting
Operating conditions Altitude: 0-5000m, Humidity: 0-95%, Temperature: -10ºC~+50ºC, Wind speed: Max 15m/s
Dimension 157mm(L) *136mm(W) *138(H) (including rubber armour)
Weight 2.00kg (including battery)


Features –  

  • Handheld Fiber Fusion Splicer E750
  • 1s boot up, 6s typically for splicing and 24s for heating.
  • Fiber core max. magnifications up to 250X
  • Electrodes discharging more than 4500 times
  • Integrated heater, easy and convenient to operate.
  • USB port for software updating and data records exporting.
  • Image digital processing system with core to core alignment.
  • Real-time ARC calibration automatically
  • 360° rubber armor protects machines from shock, water and dust.
  • 5200mAh and pluggable Li-battery, typical 200 cycles splicing and heating.
  • Support to store 4000 groups of Fusion Records
  • High sensitivity CMOS sensor, Color LCD of 4.3inch with pixels 480×280
  • Ensure Security with Password Protection.


Application –

  • The Electronline E750 is applicable for optical fibers.


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