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Product Description –    

Fujikura 48S Fiber Splicing Machine is a single fiber splicing machine. It’s a Core Alignment Splicing Machine that produces high-quality, precise results. Its compact size and light weight enables it to carry it easily and use it in various environmental conditions.  There are 100 splice modes and 30 heating modes available. It also has the capability to store 10000 splice results. Display: 4.9 inch TFT with Touch screen fully loaded with user friendly.

Specifications –

Fiber alignment SMF(G652/657), MMF(G651),DSF(G.653),NZDSF(G.655)
Cladding dia 80 to 150um
Sheath clamp Coating dia: Max, 3,000um

Cleave length : 5 to 16mm

fiber holder Coating dia.: refer to option 

Cleave length : Approx . 10mm

Splicing loss ITU -T G.652 : Avg. 0.02db

ITU -T G.651 : Avg. 0.01db

ITU -T G.653 : Avg. 0.04db

ITU -T G.654 : Avg. 0.04db

ITU -T G.655 : Avg. 0.04db

ITU -T G.657 : Avg. 0.02db

Splice time Typical 7 sec 
Sleeve type Heat shrinkable sleeve
Sleeve length Max. 66 mm
Sleeve dia Max. 6.0mm before shrinking 
Heat time 60mm mode : typical  25sec
Fiber tensile test force Approx. 2.0N
Electrode life  Approx. 5,000 splice
Dimensions W Approx. 148mm without projection
Dimensions D Approx. 212mm without projection
Dimensions H Approx. 161mm without projection
Weight Approx.1.9kg including BTR-IIA battery
Temperature Operating :- 10 to 50
Screen Storage :- -40 yo 80
Altitude Max. 5,000m
Input  Ac100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, Max. 1.5A
Output Approx. dc 14.4V/3190mAh
Capacity Approx.200 splice and heat cycle
Battery life  Approx. 500 recharge cycles
LCD monitor TFT 4.9 inches with touch screen 
Magnification  200 to 320x
V-grooves LED lamp
PC USB 2.0 Mini B type
External LED lamp USB 2.0 A type 

Approx DC5v, 500mA

Splice  mode 

Heat Mode

100 splice modes

30 heat modes

Splice Image  100 Image


Features –  

  • Fujikura Splicing machine used for Telecommunication and CATV
  • Core to core Alignment.
  • Fast Splicing time-6 Sec
  • Single fiber fusion splicer.
  • Bluetooth capability connection.
  • Tube heating time-15 sec.
  • Multi-functional carrying case with integrated work station.

Application –

  • The Fujikura 48S is applicable for optical fibers. 


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