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Product Description –    

The FSM-80S is core-to-core alignment single fiber splicer succeeding to FSM-60S. In addition to ruggedized concept, which 60S created, the 80S has a series of new features, such as “Automated wind-protector and tube-heater” for quicker splicing cycle as well as fewer operation steps, “innovative carrying-case design” for quicker preparation, “powerful Li-ion battery” for longer operation, high resolution bigger LCD monitor, and “built-in operation manuals” in various languages. Market is from backbone network installation to opto-electronics components production for quality splice. 

Specifications –

Applicable fibers SM (ITU-T G.652 & G.657), MM (ITU-T G.651),DS (ITU-T G.653), 

NZDS (ITU-T G.655),Others


Fiber Count  Single 


Cladding diameter   80 to 150μm
Coating diameter  100 to 1000μm
Fiber cleaved length 5 to 16mm using Sheath Clamp A, B or 5 to13mm using FH-60-250, FH-60-900
Operating condition 0-5000m above sea level,0-95% RH and -10 to 50C respectively  
Actual average splice


0.02dB with SM, 0.01dB with MM, 0.04dB with DS, 0.04dB with NZDS
Splice time 7sec:SM FAST mode, 12sec :SM AUTO mode, 15sec:AUTO mode
Return loss 60dB or greater
Splicing modes  100 splicer modes are available
Splice loss estimate  Several types of core deformations as well as core axis offset are taken into account for accurate loss estimate.
Attenuation splice


Intentional high splice loss of 0.1dB to 15dB (0.01dB step) can be made foran inline fixed attenuator
Storage of splice result  The last 2000 results to be stored in the internal


Magnification  X / Y (300X magnification), or both X and Y simultaneously (160Xmagnification)
Viewing method By two CMOS cameras for intersecting fiber viewing

and 4.73 inches TFT color LCD monitor

Tension test 1.96 to 2.25N
Operating condition 0-5000m above sea level, 0-95% RH and -10 to 50°C respectively
Tube heater  Built-in auto-start tube heater with 10 heating moes and up to 20 for


Tube heat time  13-15sec. with FP-03 protection sleeve. Total memory of 30 heating modes are available
Applicable protection

sleeve length

60mm, 40mm and a series of micro sleeves.
No. of splice/heating

with battery

200 times of splicing and heat shrinking under with BTR-09
Power supply  Auto voltage selection from 100 to 240Va.c. or 10 to 15Vd.c. with ADC-18.14.8Vd.c. with BTR-09
Terminals USB2.0 ( Mini-B) for data and video signal transfer to PC.
Wind protection Up to 15m/s wind velocity 
Dimensions  146(W) x 159(D) x 150(H) mm

Including wind protector, monitor, and rubber protector

Excluding rubber foot

Weight 2.5 kg, with ADC-18 AC adaptor

2.7 kg, with BTR-09 battery

Electrode life 3000 arc-discharges

Features –  

  • Reduced splicing time – 6 seconds only.
  • Reduced heating time – 9 seconds only.
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth.
  • Splices all known types of fibers.
  • Fiber core alignment.
  • Typical average splice loss for single mode cable with G.652D fiber is only 0.02 dB.
  • Increased electrode lifetime – up to 3000 splicing cycles with one set, without splicing quality loss.
  • Battery life increased up to 200 full splicing/heating cycles.
  • Rotary color anti-glare LCD 4.73″, high contrast and vividness.
  • Simultaneous display of X and Y axes.
  • May splice SC, LC, MPO connectors.
  • Automatic: wind-protective lid, heater, fiber holders.
  • Increased water, dust and shock resistance, may be used under severe environment conditions.
  • Automatic arc calibration.
  • Battery BTR-09 is included.
  • New comfortable carrying case, optimized for quick operation start.
  • The case may be used as a working table.
  • Operation manual is installed into the splicer.
  • Software update option.

Application –

  • The Fujikura 80S is applicable for optical fibers.


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