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Product Description – 

CC ST/ST Manual fiber-optic cable connector uses a half-twist bayonet type of lock to keep the connection secure. Commonly used in Simplex or Multimode performances for bi-directional transmission. Requires two fiber cables and two ST connectors.


 Specifications –

Insertion loss (IL) typ: 0.25 dB
Return loss (RL) > 50 dB for jumper length up to 3 m
Strain relief 100 N
Operating temperature -40 °C to +80 °C, conditioned by type of cable
Durability min 500 cycles
Assembly procedure glue and polish
Connection physical 
Lock mechanism bayonet lock
Ferrule material full ceramic zirconia
Connector material zinc alloy, nickel plated, thermoplastic rubber


Features –  

  • Coupling nut radial track minimizes the rotation needed to mate the connector
  • One piece body construction simplifies fields assembly
  • Accommodates tight and loose tube buffer cables with jacket 
  • Easy hand or machine PC and “Ultra” PC polishing method
  • Metal housing with zirconia ferrule
  • Universal dust cap (fits, ST, SC, FC)

Application –

  • LAN, WAN 
  • Measuring Technique
  • Industrial networks
  • Utilities, Railways


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