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Product Description –:  

Tube stripper consists of a curved jaw housing , a sharp blade and firm grip handle to allow the operator to cut and rotate the entire cutter and pipe with precision. It can strip the loose tube without nickling the enclosed fiber. Especially designed for loose buffers. It has an adjustable blade which can be set to any depth to help assure nickel free loose tube stripping on simplex fibers or individual loose tube in a multimode fiber cable. It can strip loose cable upto ⅛” in diameter  

Specifications –

  • Material 
  • Length 
3/16 in. (4.8mm) to 5/16 in. (8mm)  
  • Replacement Blade*
  • Model no 
  • Color


Features –  :

  • Small, lightweight, and inexpensive, this is one easy to operate coax stripper
  • Clean, nick free strips are a sure thing because the blades can be adjusted for any depth
  • Diverse stripper can be used for: twisted-pair wire, tightly wrapped stranded cables, CATV cable, CB antenna cable, SO, SJ, SJT, and other types of flexible power cords

Application – : 

  • residential and commercial buildings
  • industrial plumbing 


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