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Product description –

DIGISOL DG-GR1310 is a Mini GEPON Routing ONU designed to suit the  home and SOHO users’ FTTH ultra-broadband access needs. It has features such as NAT/firewall and Wi-Fi technology (802.11n). It is based on Layer 3 Ethernet switch technology and GEPON technology, which is reliable and well-established with great performance/price ratio. It is highly reliable and easy to maintain, and complete compliance with IEEE 802.3ah EPON specifications.

Specifications –

  • Type
Wireless With Modem
  • Model
  • Color
White, Black
  • Brand
  • Frequency
2.4 GHz
  • Frequency Band
Single Band
  • Wireless Speed
300 Mbps
  • Antennae
  • Number of USB Ports


Features –

  • Plug and play, features auto-detecting, auto-configuration, and auto  firmware upgrade etc.
  • Integrated AM remote configuration and maintenance function.
  • Support rich QinQVLAN functions and IMP Snooping multicast features.
  • Functions like transceiver diagnostic monitoring, transmitter disable, etc.
  • Support NAT, Firewall function.
  • Integrated 802.11b/g/n, 300Mbps

Application – 

  • Industrial Networking 
  • Optical Fiber Networking 
  • Traffic Control/ Control Rooms
  • Shopping Mall
  • Residential Quarters
  • FTTO (office)
  • FTTD (Desk)
  • FTTH (Home) 
  • Broadband 
  • Video surveillance 
  • Broadband 
  • Video surveillance 



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