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Product Description –

Optilink XONT 71110AC 2GE+1POT WiFi GPON/EPON HGU terminal devices are designed for fulfilling FTTH and triple play service demand of fixed network operators. These boxes are based on the mature Chipset (Realtek) technology, which have high ratio of performance to price, and the technology of IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi, Layer 2/3, and high quality VoIP as well. Support full management of HGU devices through OLT. They are highly reliable and easy to maintain, with guaranteed QoS for different services. And they are fully compliant with technical regulations such as IEEE802.3ah, ITU-T G.984.x and technical requirements of GPON Equipment.

Specifications –

  • PON interface
1 G/EPON port(EPON PX20+ and GPON Class B+)

Receiving sensitivity: ≤-28dBm

Transmitting optical power: 0~+4dBm

Transmission distance: 20KM

  • Wavelength
Tx1310nm,Rx 1490nm 
  • Optical interface
SC/UPC connector
  • LAN interface
2 x 10/100/1000Mbps auto adaptive Ethernet interfaces, Full/Half, RJ45 connector
  • POTS interface (Options)
1 x RJ11 connectors

Support: G.711A/G.711U/G.723/G.729 codec

Support: T.30/T.38/G.711 Fax mode, DTMF Relay

  • Wi-Fi interface
Compliant with IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac

2.4GHz Operating frequency: 2.400-2.483GHz

5.0GHz Operating frequency: 5.150-5.825GHz

Support MIMO, 4T4R,5dBi external antenna, rate up to 1.167Gbps

Support: multiple SSID

TX power: 11n–22dBm/11ac–24dBm

  • LED
9, For Status of POWER, LOS, PON, WAN, LAN1, LAN2, 2.4G, 5G, PHONE(option)
  • Operating condition
Temperature: 0??+50?        

Humidity: 10%?90%?non-condensing?

  • Storing
  • condition
Temperature: -30??+60?

Humidity: 10%?90%?non-condensing?

  • Power adapter
DC 12V/1.5A or DC 12V/1.0A
  • Power supply
  • Dimension
  • Net weight

Features –

  • G/EPON 1GE ONT supports Dual mode(EPON and GPON)
  • Can be applied to a wide temperature environment 
  • Has a powerful firewall function.
  • video surveillance and other requirements and design of GPON/EPON Gigabit Ethernet products.
  • The device is registered to the PON System.
  • It is fully compliant with technical regulations such as ITU-T G.984.x and IEEE802.3ah.

Application – 

  • Industrial Networking 
  • Optical Fiber Networking 
  • Traffic Control/ Control Rooms
  • Shopping Mall
  • Residential Quarters
  • FTTO (office)
  • FTTD (Desk)
  • FTTH (Home) 
  • Broadband 
  • Video surveillance 


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